We provide a wide range of hydrologic assessment services. We can evaluate design flows for structures and stream crossings. We evaluate fluvial geomorphology for environmental assessments. We can determine safe Flood Construction Levels (FCL) and flood protection measures for developments on floodplains or alluvial fans or that are near mountain streams. We assess watersheds and develop adaptive strategies for hydrologically sustainable watershed management. We can develop and update water balances for streams, lakes and glaciers. And we can determine site-specific environmental thresholds for wet weather safety shutdown for workers.


Statlu specializes in terrain analysis for stability assessments and forest road construction. The mountainous terrain of British Columbia and western Canada contains diverse surficial materials and landforms originating from glacial, paraglacial and non-glacial processes. Statlu is qualified and has the expertise to analyse each type of terrain using a wide variety of project specific methods. Airphoto and airborne LiDAR interpretation is used to identify high hazard terrain and the development history of an area. The surficial materials, drainage conditions, and evidence of unstable ground is field-checked for those areas of interest identified from maps, airphotos, or LiDAR. Recent climate data and the latest climate change models are considered so our recommendations will remain relevant in the future. Following interpretation of the data, Statlu’s recommendations aim to minimize the risk to human or environmental resources and optimize the client’s objectives.

Land Development

Statlu has extensive experience and is pleased to provide geotechnical hazard and natural hazard assessments for both residential and industrial land development. We investigate the probability and risk of terrain hazards such as debris flows, floods, landslides from upslope, and rockfalls by analyzing air photos, making field observations, and researching. From this we document our findings in a report that identifies the specific hazards expected on the site and we provides recommendations to ensure that the development is safe for the use intended. For industrial developments, such as power transmission lines or Independent Power Projects (IPPs), we adapt the standards to account for differences between industrial and residential land use and development.


Our agrology services include on-farm drainage and water management planning, agricultural capability assessment, and agricultural impact assessment. We apply our skills and experience with pedology, soil survey, and hydrology to determine the potential for soil bound agricultural uses. We incorporate modelled climate change predictions into water management plans and agricultural capability assessments to provide farmers with the necessary information to build resilience into their long-term farm plans.

Other Services

Statlu provides a variety of other services that cater to unique projects or environments. We complete karst assessments, geotechnical hazard assessments for hydroelectric power projects and transmission line location, and provide tailored geomorphic and hydrologic expertise to projects. Statlu also provides flood modeling and mapping services and we can determine site-specific environmental thresholds for wet weather safety shutdown for workers. We offer Geographic Information System (GIS) analysis services, using ESRI GIS software.

Statlu does not conduct contaminated site investigations (Phase I or Stage 1 Site Investigations), mold or asbestos abatement, foundation design or engineered structures, or biological services such as riparian area regulations assessments or identification of fish-bearing streams. If you are unsure where to find the appropriate professionals, we will be happy to provide you with recommendations or referrals.